The Rapid Abundance Activator And Multidimensional Expander

Anastasia activation practicioner
Sand Anastasia gerali

If you are an intuitive healer, coach or therapist and want to create a massive impact in the lives of others and your own, this is the mastermind and unique certification to take you to the next level in a year long high level container.

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Serve at a deeper level.

Expand your Impact and your Income

Become a certified hypnotherapist and Rapid Abundance Activator. In this 9-month container, you'll learn how to serve your clients on a deeper level, supporting them through simultaneous healing and expansion through the five layers of consciousness (physical, energy, emotional, intuitive, bliss). In this container, Anastasia works closely with you to create your own unique formula, weaving in all your skills and gifts into Rapid Abundance Activation to create a world-class offer that will set you apart from everyone else. Our focus is on creating a ripple through our work and the people we serve, the bigger income is a beautiful by-product of your own expansion and ability to serve deeper.

The bigger the impact, the bigger the income